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Parallel to our TapRoom, The Lounge offers a comfortable area to enjoy a cocktail with good company. Try one of our several martinis, Moscow Mules or any other great cocktail you can think of. 


LEMON DROP - A perfect blend of sweet and tart-lemony goodness over the taste buds! -- $7


KEY LIME - Dessert in a glass! Can we say Key Lime Pie? -- $8


BLUE LAGOON - An island paradise right in your glass. A perfect blend of coconut and fuitiness. -- $8


DREAMSICLE - Dreamy, creamy, orangey..harness your inner child with this martini that tastes like a Push Pop! -- $8


SUN TAN - Itching for a getaway? Let this martini take you to a tropical place of warmth and happiness; imagining the sun on your face. -- $8


RASBERRY BERET - This French martini will have you saying "C'est la vie" as you forget the worries of your day. -- $8


SALTED KARAMEL - A delicious blend of creamy, caramel flavors with a hint of salt creates the taste of Salted Nut Roll, in the form of delicious sips. -- $8


CHOCOLATE MINT - A perfect after dinner drink - care for an Andes Mint? -- $9


SNICKER BAR - "You're not you when you're thirsty, have a Snickers Martini." -- $9


TIRAMISU - Another delicious dessert in a glass! Swirling with flavors of coffee and cocoa. Just as the name translates, it's a true "pick me up." -- $9


The taproom offers over 50 scotch, whiskies, and bourbons including some rare and special batches. we have one of the best scotch collections in the u.p. from johnie walker gold reserve to bolvenie 14, our variety does not leave out the bourbon lovers with makers mark to the elusive blantons. the taproom is always adding new and exciting whiskies and bourbons so feel free to suggest one of your favorites.

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